french Explications en Français

Thank you all!

First, the only fact that you are so many to use my addon is a compliment to my work itself and for that I humbly thank you!

That being said, if you feel like going the extra mile here are 3 options to pay me a cafe or a beer.


Well the button is all over the website, should i really paste it here too? And by the way if you don't know about flattr you should look into it!


My Bitcoin address is: 1AyR34kffA5tMGBKgHDsmhSQUFVvMmx38C and if you need the QR code to go with, well here it is:



Last but not least, there is a paypal button on the official page of the addon - feel free to use it :)

A little time

If you want to translate the addon into your native tongue (there are literally 19 entries to translate) send me your version of this DTD by mail using this form (no support by email tho please).

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