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About this extension

This addon is distributed under a GNU / GPL v3 licence. You can do pretty much whatever you want to with it... I'm not here to make money with it but to raise a point... That point being : stop thinking IP Address is a safe data !

It's been named after the torrent poisoning software Seedfuck that gave me the idea of IPFuck :)

About the author

Hi, I'm a french (this explaining why there may be some mistakes all over this website) webdevelopper with a never ending passion for everything that's related to the Internet. I often create projects just to prove a point (such as this one if you follow).

If you need to contact me, for anything else than personnal support (that I won't provide), please send a mail to paul at p4ul dot info

About IP Address

What's there left to say about it ? Don't trust it, don't send someone to a trial because his IP address was found downloading the last Warner movie, ... It just is obsolete !

About this page

Well there had to be a "about" page so here it is... I'm almost sure nobody will read it so why bother !

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